Social Scientists Against the Hostile Environment (SSAHE) invite you to our December 2022 webinar:

The Hostile Environment in Higher Education, 12 December 2022 5 pm UK time.

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Higher Education in the UK is deeply enmeshed within the hostile environment. Universities are expected to verify the right to work of anyone in their employ, whether lecturers, cleaners, Graduate Teaching Assistants, or even external examiners, who undertake only a few days of work per year. Similarly, universities are required to co-operate with the Home Office in monitoring international students, ensuring they are ‘genuinely’ in the UK to study. Compounding this is university bureaucratic procedures, which often go far beyond minimum legal requirements in policing international students and staff.

This webinar explores the role of universities in supporting and implementing the hostile environment; while also considering how the institutions themselves are shaped by their complicity with the internal bordering regime; and how the ongoing neoliberal restructuring of UK higher education informs and is informed by the hostile environment in the sector. The webinar further examines the racialised underpinnings of the hostile environment, and its disproportionate impact on racially minoritized international students, as well as ‘home’ students.

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